Tutta55's Lair

Tutta55's Lair


Tutta55, what kind of a name is that? Well, in fact my real nickname is Tutta๕๕. ๕ is the Thai character 5. Which, of course, is not pronounced as five at all, but rather as 'haa'. Doesn't make it more logical? I guess not. It's just that I have a weak spot for Thailand, the country where I hope to move some day.

Besides this I suffer from a serious infliction called Boincitis. It is caused by a man-made virus created by the electricity suppliers. It makes me constantly search for new tastes of work to keep my computers from sitting idle. I do this together with my friends in the best distributed computing team in Belgium and neighbouring villages:

BOINC.BE - The team for Belgians and their friends, who love the smell of red glowing cpu's in the morning.


These are all BOINC projects I know. Latest changes are marked in red. Projects that are no longer active are shown in gray. I will keep on adapting this list as projects come and go. But of course you will understand if I give my BOINC.BE teammates the scoop ;-)

Note about the rating: This is my personal appreciation. I give 1 star for each of these criteria: technical quality, involvement of the project administrators, screensaver available, benefit to humanity. And 1 additional star for miscellaneous factors like atmosphere in the forum, amount and method of credit awarding. Some projects have no rating. That is mostly the case for those that have ceased, or too new to have an opinion on. If for some reason you feel your favourite project is done injustice, let me know at the e-mail address on the bottom of the page.

  Project URL Short description and status Rating
1μFluidsProject websiteMicrogravity and microfluidics research - Open beta test since 11/2005
23x + 1Project websiteMathematical project about Collatz conjecture - Appeared 02/2008 
3ABCProject websiteMathematical project, searching abc triplets - Active project
4ABC Betahttp://abcbeta.math.leidenuniv.nl/ (website no longer exists)Permanent beta test for ABC - Ceased 
5African Grid Lab AlphaProject websiteIncubation laboratory environment for African projects - Closed alpha test since 10/2008 
6ALifehttp://alifeathome.dyndns.org (website no longer exists)Closed alpha test - Ceased 
7AlmereGridhttp://server5.almeregrid.nl/almeregrid/ (website no longer exists)Project will probably stay local 
8AlmereGrid Boinc GridProject websiteFinal (?) URL for the AlmereGrid project - Appeared 07/2008 
9AlmereGrid TestGridProject websiteFirst step to AlmereGrid going public? - Appeared 03/2008 
10AltFastProject websiteProbably a test server for LHC 
11APSProject websiteAtmosphere research - Active project
12AquaProject websiteAdiabatic QUantum Algorithms - Appeared 12/2008 
13Artificial Intelligence SystemProject websiteArtificial intelligence - Closed alpha test planned 09/2007 
14BBCCCEhttp://bbc.cpdn.org/ (website no longer exists)Climate change experiment - Ceased 
15Belgian Beerhttp://bebeer.dyndns.org:2222/bebeer/ (website no longer exists)BOINC.BE's very own project - On hold indefinitely 
16BIFIhttp://lxbifi14.bifi.unizar.es/sgah/ (website no longer exists)Never really saw the light 
17BioinfoProject websiteMade in Taiwan - Appeared 06/2008 
18BIoShttp://gf45.mp.tudelft.nl/psdm/home.php (website no longer exists)Boinc Imaging of Seismic activity - Never really saw the light 
19BOINC AlphaProject websiteClosed alpha test for boinc client 
20BOINC GAMESShttp://grid-devel3.rocksclusters.org/boinc_gamess/ (website no longer exists)Protein research - Never really saw the light 
21BoincanatorProject websitePurpose unknown - Appeared 01/2009 
22boinc_project@ncsuProject websiteProbably just a test - Appeared 06/2008 
23BRaTSProject websiteGravitational ray tracing - Closed alpha test since 06/2007
24Break the Forumhttp://boinctest.axpr.net (website no longer exists)No WU, just for testing the Boinc forum code 
25BurpProject websiteRendering - Open alpha test since like forever
26CancerGridhttp://cancergrid.lpds.sztaki.hu/cancergrid/ (website no longer exists)New project under the Sztaki domain - Appeared 03/2008, disappeared again 
27Capehttp://fsmtdist.ist.tu-graz.ac.at/cape (website no longer exists)Older version of RCN 
28Cape2http://fsmtdist.ist.tu-graz.ac.at/cape2 (website no longer exists)Older version of RCN 
29Cape3http://fsmtdist.ist.tu-graz.ac.at/cape3 (website no longer exists)Older version of RCN 
30Cape4http://fsmtdist.ist.tu-graz.ac.at/cape4 (website no longer exists)Older version of RCN 
31Celshttp://cels-at-home-dev.dyndns.org/cels/ (website no longer exists)Researches cell adhesion - Ceased 
32CelsProject websiteNew project site of the Cels project - Appeared 12/2008 
33Cels-at-home Test Projecthttp://cels-at-home-dev.dyndns.org/test/ (website no longer exists)Test project for Cels 
34Cels-at-home [Second] Test Projecthttp://cels-at-home-dev.dyndns.org/test2/ (website no longer exists)Test project for Cels 
35Chess960Project websitePlaying distributed chess - Open alpha test since like forever
36Clean Energy@HarvardProject websiteResearching clean energy - Open alpha test since 08/2007 
37Climate PredictionProject websiteClimate change simulation - Active project
38Computational Structural Biology ProjectsProject websiteComputational structural biochemistry - Appeared 06/2008 
39CosmicRays@Earthhttp://koti.mbnet.fi/henrihe/CRE/ (website no longer exists)Never saw the light 
40CosmologyProject websiteCosmic microwave background - Open beta test
41CPDN Alphahttp://cpdn.comlab.ox.ac.uk/alpha (website no longer exists)Alpha test for CPDN app - Ceased 
42CPDN Betahttp://climateapps1.oucs.ox.ac.uk/cpdn/home.php (website no longer exists)Beta test for CPDN app - Ceased 
43CPDN BetaProject websiteBeta test for CPDN for Intel Mac client - Started 12/2006 
44CPDN BetaProject websiteBeta test for CPDN HadSM3 Mid-Holocene - Started 01/2008 
45CPDN HadCM3 Spinuphttp://climateapps1.oucs.ox.ac.uk/hadcm3spinup/ (website no longer exists)Tests a new kind of CPDN work units - Ceased 
46CPDN HadCM3L Betahttp://climateapps1.oucs.ox.ac.uk/cm3beta/ (website no longer exists)Tests a new kind of CPDN work units - Ceased 
47CPDN HadSM3http://climateapps1.oucs.ox.ac.uk/hadsm3beta/home.php (website no longer exists)Tests a new kind of CPDN work units - Ceased 
48Crash Collectionhttp://winerror.cs.berkeley.edu/crashcollection/ (website no longer exists)Low resource project, studies Windows minidumps - Inactive for ages 
49Cunning PlanProject websiteTests application for new alpha Boinc clients 
50DECSProject websiteGeneric Distributed Exact Cover Solver - Appeared 12/2007 
51DepSpidProject websiteLow resource project, distributed web crawler - Open alpha test since 10/2006
52dISThttp://fsmtdist.ist.tu-graz.ac.at/dist (website no longer exists)Run by same people as RCN, requires modified Boinc client 
53DistrRTgenProject websiteDistributed rainbow table checker - Appeared 11/2008 
54DockingProject websiteResearches protein-ligands docking - Closed alpha test since 09/2006 
55EAPSProject websiteComputational intelligence in DC - Closed alpha test since 05/2008 
56ECDLPhttp://ecc.crypto.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/ (website no longer exists)A mystery for now. Accounts disappear regularly 
57EDGeS Local Test Boinc Serverhttp://edges-local-testbnc-srv.ceta-ciemat.es/localtest/ (website no longer exists)Probably just a test - Appeared 08/2008 
58EDGeS Uppercase Applicationhttp://edges-local-devbnc-srv.ceta-ciemat.es/appexample/ (website no longer exists)Probably just a test - Appeared 09/2008 
59EinsteinProject websiteActive project
60EnigmaProject websiteDeciphering WW2 Enigma machine messages - Open alpha test since 09/2007 
61ESEA@homeProject websiteApplications related to Boinc itself - Pre-registration open since 10/2006 
62Eternity2.nethttp://eternity2.net/ (website no longer exists)EternityII puzzle solving contest - Ceased 12/2007 
63Foldinghttp://fah-boinc.stanford.edu (website no longer exists)Boinc version ceased 
64FreeHALProject websiteArtificial intelligence - Appeared 09/2008 
65Genetic LifeProject websiteGenetic algorithms and evolution - Appeared 06/2008 
66GerasimProject websiteRussian project, developing ASP version of BOINC - Pre-alpha
67GridFinity.comProject websiteCommercial application of Boinc - Not yet in production 
68HashClashhttp://boinc.banaan.org/hashclash/ (website no longer exists)MD5 related - Ceased 
69HydrogenProject websiteResearch in hydrogen production - Closed alpha test 
70IbercivisProject websitePromote e-science in Spain - Appeared 11/2007 
71IMPProject websiteInternet Movie Project - Closed alpha test since 08/2007 
72L1F3No URL yet" (website no longer exists)Project related to Milkyway - Announced 09/2007 
73LatticeProject websitePlatform for various science applications - Open beta test restarted 06/2007 
74Leiden ClassicalProject websiteGeneral classical dynamics - Open alpha test since 02/2006
75LHCProject websiteActive project
76LHC Alphahttp://lhcathome-alpha.cern.ch (website no longer exists)Alpha test for LHC - Closed alpha test for LHC 
77LHC ExperimentalProject websiteInternal testing of LHC 
78MagnetismProject websiteMagnetism in nano-elements - Announced 06/2008 
79MalariaControlProject websiteFirst app of the Africa@Home group - Closed beta test
80MapTheGapProject websitePurpose unknown - Appeared 10/2007 
81MilkywayProject websiteEvolution of the milkyway - Open alpha test since 07/2007
82MindModelingProject websiteModeling the human brain - Appeared 01/2008, account creation closed 
83MindModeling BetaProject websiteBeta version of MindModeling - Open beta test since 01/2008 
84MindModeling@ACSProject websiteFeeder project for MindModeling - Not intended for participants 
85MindModeling@CMUProject websiteFeeder project for MindModeling - Not intended for participants 
86MindModeling@IUProject websiteFeeder project for MindModeling - Not intended for participants 
87MindModeling@PALMProject websiteFeeder project for MindModeling - Not intended for participants 
88MindModeling@RPIProject websiteFeeder project for MindModeling - Not intended for participants 
89Monte Carlo PIProject websitePurpose unknown - Appeared 09/2007 
90MotherShipProject websiteMedical science - Closed beta test since 12/2008 
91Nagrzewanie stalihttp://slawoo.homelinux.org/ (website no longer exists)Polish project, after a few days all work was done - Ceased 
92NanoHiveProject websiteSimulation of nano technology - Open beta test
93NCSSM Grid ComputingProject websitePre-alpha 
94NeuronProject websiteStudies Boinc itself - Work finished since 03/2008
95NNSIMUProject websiteNeural Network Simulation - Open alpha test since 09/2007 - Caution, might be a fake 
96NQueensProject websiteChess problem - Open beta test since 09/2007 
97OrbitProject websiteSearching for asteroids that may hit us - On hold 
98OREProject websiteOpen Rendering Environment - Closed beta test since 11/2008
99PiratesProject websiteTest project for a.o. Einstein screensaver - Restarted 01/2006 
100PlanetQuestProject websitePlanned project - No news on progress 
101POEMProject websiteProtein research - Open alpha test since 10/2007 
102pPot TablesProject websitePoker game chance calculations - Appeared 08/2008 
103Predictorhttp://predictor.scripps.edu/ (website no longer exists)Active project - temporarily on hold 
104Predictor Alphahttp://predictor.scripps.edu/pah/ (website no longer exists)Active project - temporarily on hold 
105PrimeGridProject websitePrime number calculation - Open alpha test since like forever
106ProbProject websitePurpose unknown - Appeared 05/2008 
107ProteinsProject websiteFrench project, protein research - Semi-open alpha test since 07/2006 
108PS3GRIDProject websitePlayStation 3 client - Open beta test 
109QCN AlphaProject websiteQuake Catcher Network - Open alpha test since 02/2008 
110Quantum Monte CarloProject websiteQuantum chemistry - Open beta test
111RamseyProject websiteLooking for Ramsey numbers - Appeared 07/2008 
112RCNProject websiteRectilinear Crossing Number - Active project since 07/2006
113RenderFarmhttp://www.renderfarmathome.com.ar/ (website no longer exists)Rendering of fractals - Suspended for indeterminate time 
114Resource Measurementhttp://winerror.cs.berkeley.edu/resourcemeasurement/ (website no longer exists)Low resource project, studies PC resource usage - Inactive for ages 
115ReversiProject websiteGame solver - Appeared 05/2008 
116RieselSieveProject websitePrime number calculation - Open beta test
117RNDProject websiteRadio Network Design - Open alpha test since 09/2007 
118RosettaProject websiteProtein research - Active project
119Rosetta AlphaProject websiteAlpha test for Rosetta client - Active project 
120SatisfactionProject websitePurpose unknown - Appeared 09/2007 
121SciLINKProject websiteScientific literature indexing - Alpha test since 03/2007 
122Seasonal AttributionProject websiteSpecialized version of the CPDN client - Active project
123SetiProject websiteThe mother of all projects - Active project
124Seti BetaProject websiteOpen beta test for Seti 
125SHA 1 Collision SearchProject websiteCryptanalysis - Open alpha test since 06/2007 
126SHETIProject websiteCryptography - Appeared 01/2009 
127Shofthttp://public.shoft.net (website no longer exists)Russian platform for commercial Boinc applications 
128Silly PI CalculationProject websiteTest project - Appeared 11/2008 
129SIMAPProject websiteSImilarity MAtrix for Proteins - Active project
130Sleeperhttp://isaac.ssl.berkeley.edu/sleeper/ (website no longer exists)Alpha test for boinc client 
131SpinHengeProject websiteNano-technology - Open beta test
132SudokuProject websiteFinding a minimal Sudoku - Open alpha test since 09/2007 
133Superlink@clustersProject websiteNot open for public 
134Superlink@EGEEProject websiteNot open for public 
135Superlink@TechnionProject websiteProtein research - Open beta test since 06/2007 
136SztakiProject websiteHungarian project, calculates generalized binary number systems - Active project
137Sztaki Research FacilityProject websiteClosed beta test for Sztaki 
138TanpakuProject websiteJapanese project, protein research - Active project
139Test Project (website no longer exists)Probably just a test - Appeared 12/2007 
140Test Project websitePurpose unknown - Appeared 12/2008 
141Test Project Azuritehttp://boinc.azurite.co.uk/ (website no longer exists)Never really saw the light 
142Test Project Beerhttp://pcschmiede.pc.funpic.de/teah/html/user/ (website no longer exists)Probably just spam 
143Test Project canis.csc.ncsu.edu:8005/anansiProject websitePurpose unknown - Appeared 10/2008 
144Test Project DDGridhttp://www.ddgrid.ac.cn/ddg (website no longer exists)Probably just a test, 2003 version Boinc server 
145Test Project edges-local-devbnc-srv.ceta-ciemat.es/appexampleProject websitePurpose unknown - Appeared 09/2008 
146Test project edges-local-devbnc-srv.ceta-ciemat.es/DSPProject websitePurpose unknown - Appeared 01/2009 
147Test project edges-local-devbnc-srv.ceta-ciemat.es/localdevProject websitePurpose unknown - Appeared 12/2008 
148Test Project edges-local-devbnc-srv.ceta-ciemat.es/Student01Project websitePurpose unknown - Appeared 12/2008 
149Test Project edges-local-devbnc-srv.ceta-ciemat.es/Student02Project websitePurpose unknown - Appeared 12/2008 
150Test Project EONProject websitePurpose unknown - Appeared 05/2008 
151Test Project garie.qualcomm.com/pathfinderhttp://garie.qualcomm.com/pathfinder/ (website no longer exists)Probably just a test - Appeared 09/2008 
152Test Project gnsystem.netProject websitePurpose unknown - Appeared 12/2008 
153Test project isaac.ssl.berkeley.edu/testProject websiteJust a test - Appeared mid 2008 
154Test Project melonpan.sc.isc.tohoku.ac.jp/cplanhttp://melonpan.sc.isc.tohoku.ac.jp/cplan/ (website no longer exists)Probably just a test - Appeared 02/2008 
155Test Project NTBZProject websiteProbably just a test 
156Test Project taufer2.gcl.cis.udel.edu/SIMhttp://taufer2.gcl.cis.udel.edu/SIM/ (website no longer exists)Probably just a test - Appeared 11/2008 
157Test Project UNCWhttp://elm.cis.uncw.edu/testBoinc/ (website no longer exists)Probably just a test 
158Test Setup ProjectProject websiteProbably just a test for CSB Projects - Appeared 06/2008 
159TMRL DRTGhttp://hashbreaker.com:8700/tmrldrtg/ (website no longer exists)Distributed Rainbow Table Generator - Ceased 
160TranslatorProject websitePlanned project - Probably not going to take off 
161TSPProject websiteTraveling Salesman Problem - Started 09/2007 
162UCT MalariaProject websiteTest server for new Africa@Home project - Appeared 04/2008 
163UH Second ComputingProject websiteDifferent areas of computational science - Appeared 04/2008 
164VGTUProject websiteFamily of VTU, probably just a test 
165Virtual PrairieProject websiteClonal strategies in complex ecological systems - Appeared 04/2008 
166VTUProject websitePurpose unclear - Open alpha test
167WEP-M+2Project websiteMathematical project, Mersenne plus 2 - Open alpha test since 01/2007
168World Community GridProject websiteIBM's DC platform, now has Windows and Linux and Boinc clients
169XtremLabProject websitePC monitoring for Boinc optimalisation - On hold
170YoyoProject websiteRuns another DC project in a wrapper - Open beta test
171Zebra RSA Bruteforcehttp://zebrabrute.ath.cx/zebrabrute/ (website no longer exists)About RSA-Smartcard - Ceased 
172Zivishttp://zivis.bifi.unizar.es/ (website no longer exists)Spanish project, simulating nuclear fusion - On hold 


For more information on my list of projects, come talk to me in our forum at BOINC.BE. Or e-mail me at tutta55 at boinc dot be.

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